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How to Build a Chicken Coop – 7 Tips on Building a Chicken HouseHow to Build a Chicken Coop – 7 Tips on Building a Chicken House

If you want to learn how to build a chicken coop, so it will match anticipations and the requirements of your chickens, this article is for you. Chickens aren’t choosy animals, but there was a need for few things in their life to stay happy, health and lay eggs regularly. Nonetheless, such articles isn’t only about gadget of your chickens, by following tips-off I share below, you will be building a chicken coop that is easier and faster to empty as well as keep in good condition.


Chicken are very dependent on light-headed when it comes to their life cycle. They go to sleep when it is getting dark and wake up with sunrise. That is why you have to build windows in your chicken coop that will supply a lot of light.

You should locate windows in your chicken coop in a way that will allow your flock to get as much sun as they only can. Especially in the mornings. Most of the windows in your chicken live should be in a direction of the sunrise.

Second use for windows is creating air circulation inside your chicken coop. They allow your chickens to gulp with fresh air and save you from dealing here with bad stinks while you are cleaning the chicken coop.

Failing to supply your chickens with an appropriate source of light-colored will decrease their performance and cause them to lay eggs less frequently or during weird hours. So if, for some reason, you can’t supply them with natural light-colored, try to substitute it with electrical. This, however, should be done under supervision of someone who knows how to build a chicken coop.

Electrical light is a great idea, but you have to make sure that the station is well hidden and won’t become a pecking target. The other thing you have to remember is that with electrical glowing, your statutes are able to obtain truly high, so my recommendation is to always sought for natural solutions.


You have to remember about creating a chicken house of the right size. You should calculate how many chickens you are going to keep and based on that choose an appropriate plan. Each chicken necessitates from 4 to 5 square hoofs to feel comfortable.

If you are unable to find a perfect fit for your batch, always select bigger coop. Small chicken coops will oblige your chicks to mob on a very limited space and that can cause disease spreading and in some extreme cases cannibalism.

The next stunning make of stay your chickens in a small space is, aggressiveness. Chickens that don’t have enough office, can become aggressive towards you, other members of the flock and the chicken coop itself. They likewise tend to break their own eggs so, pay attention to the size of your chicken house.

What is your budget ?

Budget is a very important factor you should consider while learning how to build a chicken coop. It is impossible to the single reason that will kill your entire undertaking. That is why you should ever support how much you are eligible to waste before starting to build.

There are many access you are eligible to cut the cost of construction. One of the most obvious ones is buying cheaper, but still usable cloths. This, however, involves informed about what kind of materials are chicken safe and, which aren’t.

Another way you can decrease the money you will spend is, by procure free textiles. Yes, it is feasible. Just ask around if some of your neighbors don’t have spare articles of lumber they don’t plan to use. You will be surprised how much trash you will receive.

However, if all the above methods don’t work for you, I recommend to hold building your chicken coop for some time. It is better to wait until you save an appropriate amount of money, then rush into construction. This will insure you are building a chicken coop that will last long and not some low-quality dummy that will fall apart faster than you have built it.

How much epoch are you able spare

Your time limitations are very important when you are discovering how to build a chicken house. If “you’ve had” difficulties receiving an hour every week to clean up your chicken coop, you have to give it some thinking.

Taking care of your chicken room is imperative. So if you have troubles learning enough time to clean it, forget about involved chicken live schemes. By creating a simpler construction that is easier to access and obstruct clean-living, you invest in happiness and health of your chickens.

Always construct chicken mansions that have spate of well designed access qualities. They will make cleaning and obtaining eggs’ practice easier. By simply acquiring the floor of your chicken coop slightly tilted in future directions of the admittance, you are able to chipped the clean day by more than half. This simple trick will allow you to hose down your chicken coops floor, helping you to save a lot of energy.

Land and climate

It is really important to choose the right place for your chicken live. It should stand on an even, hard-boiled ground so that they are durable and useful to your chickens. That is why, you should spend some time thinking about this issue.

What kind of a climate you are living in? Does it rain a good deal? What various kinds of a soil is in your backyard? Is it cold for most of the year?

If you are living in a place, where the soil is very soft and it rains a great deal, you are able to conjure your chicken coop above the sand, or else it will drown with meter. Extremely if your chicken room is very large, and you own a large flock.

If it is cold in your neighborhood for most of the time you have to use thicker materials and insulation that will help your chicken to remain warm during harsher weather conditions. If the thicker walls alone don’t do the trick, you may also want to install an artificial heather that will keep the right temperature when it is needed. For more specific advice on heathers ask a person who has experience in the area of how to build a chicken coop.

Do you demand a mobile chicken coop ?

Chicken Coop - 7 Tips on Building

The next thing you should ask yourself is, will you move your chicken coop a lot. If yes, you may think about building a portable chicken home. It will allow you to change location of your slews’ dwelling with ease.

The only disadvantage of such a solution is the size limitation. In order to create a mobile chicken coop, you will have to attach wheels to it. This, on the other hand, will action you to build a chicken coop which length allows you to carry it. The next thing you have to think about is the hardness of the grind in your backyard. If it is very soft you won’t be able to attract your chicken coop through it, without get stuck.

Protection from predators

Topic of predators is often missed by many people who learn how to build a chicken coop. But this issue is of utter importance and if neglected can lead to loss of your entire flock.

You should start from establishing what various kinds of predators are in your place. You can do it either by questioning beings near you or scouring this information on the Internet. The thing you are after is the method they will try to attack your chicken coop.

If they will try to go from the top, you should cover the top of your chicken run with a fence. If you are dealing with really big swine that may try to destroy the barricade of your pas or chicken coop overall, use the most durable fabrics you can find. If you think they will try to dig their channel to your chicken room, make sure you dig the barrier at least a hoof into the ground.

In addition to these gratuities, you should also remember to tweak the weakest join of nearly all chicken coops and lopes, openings. Try to find ones that have a tight fit, multiple bolts and overall there is no way to get in, for unwanted animals.

As you can see learning how to build a chicken coop requires a lot of time and suffer on your component. That is why you shouldn’t rush in to the building. Don’t hope you will combat all the obstacles along the way. It is plain stupid and you will have to spend more duration doing necessary modifications then, you would spend on the entire structure, only if you would invest more time into crucial grooming’s. So spend some more era learning how to build a chicken coop and means your chicken mansion with confidence.